After I have received your request, I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your wishes and a possible delivery date. After the wishes have been discussed, I will receive the photos of your pet, color combinations, or other ideas by email. We have now discussed which (quality) conditions the photos must meet. The photos for an animal portrait should be sharp enough to get a good view of your animal's fur, and especially the eyes. When you send me a picture (from google) please always refer to the website, so that I can check that it is not copyrighted by another artist. The photos are judged on usability to avoid disappointment.

When agreement has been reached on the supplied photos, an assignment agreement is signed ( agreed upon by email) in which a price and a delivery time have been agreed. A down payment is then required.
The delivery time is very dependent on the quality of the photos, the choice of material and technique, and the number of assignments at that time. It is very important to me to make a good looking portrait of your animal, for this I take the time necessary.
If you want to have an item made for a special occasion, please contact me in good time. When time is short, it is always possible to issue a gift voucher for an animal portrait or scarf, for more information or purchase please look at the "gift voucher" page on this website.

Your animal will be painted or drawn as shown in the photo. Therefore, send a number of different photos so that we can come to the best composition in consultation. It is possible to combine photos of different animals in a painting or drawing. However, the options strongly depend on the quality of the photos.

A good photo:
The best photos of your animal are taken outside in daylight, at the same height as your animal, so that you are looking straight into his/her eyes. Do not use a flash when taking the photo, so that the eyes retain their natural appearance. Avoid direct sunlight as it will not display the colors correctly. In consultation I can also take the photos myself.